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A next generation blockchain for tokens and contracts

Grin is still highly experimental technology. Here be dragons and wizards. Participating in the grin community might be addictive.


Get grin

If you are a Mac user, you can install grin with brew:

brew install grin

If you are a Linux or Windows user, download the latest release. Optionally add path of the folder release/ to the system environment variable PATH.

Now you can send grin commands:

grin help welcome

To start your own grin server, run: grin server start.

Or, you can try grin in your browser with grin local.

Create a grin miner

The fastest way to create a new wallet in grin is using grin wallet init.

Create a grin wallet:

grin wallet init

Then start the wallet listener:

grin wallet -e listen

For documentation see the grin docs.


C h a i n Yes
Blocks Yes
Cuckoo PoW Yes, CPU
Interim test transactions Yes. Soon to be replaced.
P2P Yes. Public IPv4 only
Testnet1 Yes
Wallet Yes
Private transactions In progress
GPU miner In progress
Pruning In progress
Testnet2 In progress
BulletProof transactions Cloning rust developers...
User friendly error messages Recruiting community activists...
GUI stuff Outsourcing, please stand by...
Scripting Considered doable
LN Considered doable
Mainnet In progress
Official launch Building community... (20%)

Video, please?

Less hairy wizards, please?

I have more questions!

That’s great! See the docs and our open wiki. Please join our Gitter chat and our mailing list.

Reading time!

Introductions and guides


Less heavy readig, please?


TESTING, TESTING! Grin’s first testnet has been released! Help us find bugs! If you can build and compile software on Linux or MacOS, see our building guide.

Developers are working on the features required for testnet2.

How to Contribute

Find an area you can help with and do it. Open source is about collaboration and open participation. Grin has an open Code of Conduct, please be aware of it.

For developers, see our contribution guide. An open wiki lets anyone add missing documentation and help others.

Community Funding

If you like the potential of Grin or MimbleWimble, we humbly ask if you could help donating or raising funds for the project’s development. We’re experimenting with a 100% community-driven funding model.

Companies or individuals who have donated to Grin’s Development are listed on our Friends of Grin page.